Saturday, 2 August 2014

Culottes or skorts?

I'm not sure what they are called - Culottes or skorts or rather just divided skirt.
I'm trying to draft one for my 2 year old. I want to make most of the summer before its gone you see.
Although it is just for me, I prefer to use inkscape - it just makes the slash and spread so easy and ofcourse I try to avoid paper unless its not possible.
If it comes out alright I'll share with you all.
Are you interested in this pattern at all?  I've tried drawing it here. But I've  changed my mind since. After the success of red polka dots dress hem I feel brave to attempt this one - rather more circular one.
Are you interested in a peek into my inkscaping?

inkscape pattern drafting
Have a good Sunday!

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  1. Preedhi you are so clever! I have heard these are called skorts. It is very hard to find a pattern so I would love this!

    1. Almost there. I've just about finished my first trial for size 2T. I'll make another couple of them and then draft other sizes as well :)

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