Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Inkscape Nested Pattern making

Seems like ages I haven't looked at my blog or posted anything.
Last week I silently worked on the skorts pattern and that too a nested pattern - NOT easy.
Up until now I'd only made a very simple 2T yoke pattern like the nightie pattern below
Simple pattern using inkscape

and one simple nested pattern like the Mela Summer dress pattern where sizes were combined 5 & 6 T together, likewise 7 & 8T.
inkscape sewing pattern

This time I thought no short cuts - lets make one for each size. Again NOT easy.
It is really time consuming. How do they do it?
Marking, Spreading, angles, - there is so much to think about and I'm learning inkscape myself and there aren't many useful tutorials out there.
Considering that I'm happy with what I've done.
Only next thing is to div it up so they can accommodated into A4s for printing at home or in office. Shhh  :)

inkscape nested sewing pattern

Coming Soon! Promise.
Have a lovely rest of week.


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  1. I've always wondered how all those sewing patterns are drafted, now I do! Good luck with your skort pattern :)

  2. Wow! You did draft those patterns?? Great!

  3. I’m glad I saw your detailed and clear instructions about pattern making before I tried a more complicated pattern. it’s really really helpful.

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