Sunday, 10 August 2014

Bias Cutting layout

I've been thinking a lot on how to cut my culottes? I have to head to the library to learn more really, but I just thought I'll show you whats running in my mind. I could be totally wrong or so obvious - I don't know.

Culottes pattern drafting

Above is how originally I drafted the pattern. Now how do I actually cut the fabric? the dreaded BIAS stretch? Not only does it require 1-2 days to be hung but also it does change shape all along.
How do I avoid stretching? It really annoys me to see the fabric stretched out at the hem. Here are my options as I thought about them:

OPTION 1: Culottes cutting layout:

I thought about cutting it like a normal skirt or a trouser.

skorts cutting layout

Upon thinking hard I realised that in between the center seam and side seam stretch is very much likely. So how else?
How to avoid streching of hem

OPTION 2: Culottes cutting layout:

Divided skirt cutting layout

I realised with this layout that the stretch was less likely. I understand the amount of stretch totally depends on the type of fabric but was just trying to attempt if it could be avoided. The pattern will still require it to be hung may be overnight, but the stretch may be less likely. Lets see. :)
Avoid bias stretch

Have a good week.

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  1. Great observation Preethi! So how did it come out? Eager to know...

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