Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Summer dress of lawn fabric

Heat is full on here and I'm loving it. It just feels like the cells in my body are opening up. No seriously I do.
I haven't been very active on the blogging front, I've just been a little busy personally; not that I couldn't make a couple of hours to blog, its just that I just couldn't collect my thoughts to blog. Just too occupied with other stuff.
I made this summer dress of lawn fabric for my daughter. During the last 8 months that I've been sewing or learning to sew, I've used various types of fabric that I've listed below with a few examples of what I made with them.

- quilt cotton (made all those phus phus skirts, nightie, nirma skirt, poltam skirt - all free patterns)
- tried my hands on rayon fabric - rayon nirma skirt
- cord - inverted pleat tunic, trousers
- viscose - viscose nirma skirt
- not so thick jeans material for skirt
- linen - aanchi dress with emboidery
- cape coat with suiting material
- lawn dupatta tunic

Although I've used lawn fabric before - lawn dupatta tunic, dupatta skirt- I didn't know how good it felt until I tried the other fabric. Now that I've I can say I really really love lawn. It's so soft. Its a pleasure to sew and its so comfortable especially for the summer. When you wear quilt cottons by the end of the day they really stand a meter away from your body, this one - No.
Little girl Tiered summer dress

A fitted bodice 3 tiers.
Summer dress elastic on back

 The inner bodice lined with contrast fabric that I used for - cape coat.
I first put elastic straps but my daughter didn't feel comfortable - I might have made it too tight. I had put lots of stitches over to secure and when I wanted to unpick I just gave up. You can see the remnants of it.. hehe.
My other creations are usually much neater than this. Not because of the remnants, but because I would generally have the starting of the straps tucked inside of the lining. But if I did that I would complicate the finishing of the bodice lining and would have a top stitch which I don't prefer. So compromised.

I've use elastic for the back. To be honest I wanted to try my hand at shirring. Couldn't get to the fabric shop but I was itching to get the summer dress done with the pattern I had in mind - so just went ahead and used the elastic I'd. Its so simple - I may be putting off shirring for a while now.

Bias like tape hem

Finished the hem off with this tape which is made using a bias tape maker but cut straight not diagonal. I didn't have any curves here right to waste fabric.

Fully adjustable shoulder straps
 I thought it was long before putting it on, but I liked the length after it was on.
Bias tape shoulder straps
 The back is fully adjustable with loops on the back and tie back straps.
Summer dress with straps
Fitted bodice with elastic back
 No gaping at the front. I know you may be thinking she is so little.But personally I liked the fact that the bodice is fitted.
Lawn fabric summer dress

3 tier summer dress

Adjustable straps

Flowe Summer dress

Bias tape finished summer dress
Hope you all have a great week.

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  1. Beautiful dress! Love the fabric you have chosen! As much as I can see in the pictures, the fitting looks really good :) Good job! Keep it up! TC Keep smiling :)

    Warm Regards,
    The Arts & Me

    1. Thanks for showing your appreciation Sindhu, means a lot.

  2. I love cotton lawn for the summer . It is so cool and comfortable, whether it is a full sleeve tunic or a spaghetti top. your fabric selection and color contrast is gorgeous. Good idea about the elastic back :)
    sharing a dress i made with lawn:

  3. Beautiful dress Jaya you have made. I'm sure it will be very comfortable. Is that buttons at the front?


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