Sunday, 28 September 2014

Pattu Pavade top

Oh! It has been almost a month I've blogged and you won't believe I've nearly forgotten how to create a post - how to size or attach the photos.
One clever thing I did was to document my little notes as I went along my blogging year trying to learn the HOW TO stuff. So it was a matter of minutes or I'd again be scouring the net trying to figure my way out.

Was I busy - nothing unusual
Was I running out of ideas - no, just too many ideas.
Was I sewing - NO

I wasn't sewing enough. The thing is I don't have a sewing room. It's just too much work to set up sewing in a temporary place and then tidy up and do the same again. The thought about the put it away is just putting me off.
But I've started again. So here it is.

My sis in law sent my daughter pattu pavade and it is already a little small, the top is a bit too tight. I can adjust and make the pavade longer but the top I've to sew a new one. So before I buy the proper fabric I thought I'll try to draft a pattern and make one with temporarily.

I did some embroidery as well -  french knots and its cousins. Pleased! 
The thread is mutlicoloured from yellow to orange. It was beautiful. This was the second time ever I was trying embriodery. The first was - the nightie.

French knot on top

Tie back top

multi coloured thread embroidery

Girl top neck

Pattu pavade top

Pattu pavade blouse

girl blouse for lehenga

Pavade blouse

French knots on top
The neck here needs to be under stitched. I need to stitch the lining with the clipped edges so the lining is not seen from outside. A learning for me.

tie back top girl

white top with orange embriodery

girl embroidery blouse

Sew blouse for pattu pavade

Stitch pattu pavade blouse for 2 year

Stitch top for girl

Sew pattu pavade top for girls

I'm taking off tomorrow. Going along with my son on his school farm trip. The school needed some help and so I volunteered.:)

Have a great week!

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  1. Hi Preethi, it is a nice top :) Knot stitches look really well!

    TC! Keep smiling :)

  2. The upcycled silk shirt with the embroidery is gorgeous on your little one!

  3. “It’s not about the dress you wear, it’s about the life you lead in the dress". Fashion for each


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