Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Pattern Cutting Course in London

Although it may seem that not much is happening it actually is the opposite.
I've taken my interest to the next level.
Remember I always said if my interest last more than a year which it has I'd take this further. It all started Sept 2013 - the incubation and the buying of sewing machine and the browsing online and in shops, inspirations...

I enrolled myself (or rather indulged) onto pattern making classes in London. Its every Saturday for 5 weeks. Its a full on course.. really full on.

London pattern cutting short course

There are a variety of people on the course - some tasting whether it is for them, some who are in the industry interacting with pattern cutters and want to understand them, buyers, some who are already on other full time fashion course and some who have done a degree for 3 yrs just to find it was not for them and this is where they want to be. Variety of people from various backgrounds all learning something new. I've completed 2 classes now. The first class was a couple of hours of sit down but after that it was non stop action.

Completley and thorouighly enjoying it. Is it for me? YES it is. It sure is.

My sewing has come down drastically though. I've not created anything new. Sad face.  I've been going out lot more these days and reading a lot more on sewing than actually sewing.

Hold on and there will be lot of updates.

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  1. Wow! That's a great news Preethi :) Congratulations! I was visiting your page every now and then... Felt sad seeing no new posts... But, this is really exciting! Yes, you are right, when we actually do lots of works, we cannot express that we are doing :) Wishing you all the best dear :) TC! Keep smiling :)

  2. Thanks so much Sindhu. I loved the course. It was only a short course and sad its over, but happy I get to relax my Saturday's :)

    1. Is it? Then, I guess there are lots of new works going on!

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