Friday, 24 January 2014

KCW - thinking of 2 options

Hi All, I'm participating in KCW January. This is the first time I'm participating in such an event (dont think it can be called an event or a competition ??). Everyday of next week I need to sew or do something related to sewing for 1 hr everyday. I'm not sure how I'm going to manage that though. I'm thinking what to make. My options so far are:
1. flat front back elastic skirt - I've learnt a lot from my mistakes in this checked skirt and a  skirt from dupatta. There is another one I haven't posted yet which I will soon do. I'm always thinking if the next post I do should be something that I have created or something new and I just end up only thinking and doing none :). Well there isn't much I've made that I haven't posted already - just 2-3 dresses.

I generally start with basic measurement of waist for my daughter, figure out the seam allowances, fold width and hem length. I also base it on the type of fabric I'm using and the gathering I want.For KCW I thought I should just put some maths around it with some variables like gathering, hem width etc... so I dont need to calculate everytime. So that is something I want to do before the start of KCW.

2. Basic tunic with lining.
I generally always trace around an existing well fitting tunic or t shirt. I have made a tracing on paper couple of times before but they end up getting wrinkled, torn or lost. I thought I should digitize it and just trace it on my computer. :). Not the best way I know.

If I choose option 1 I want to make a readily available maths before the challenge week and if I choose option 2 I want to digitize the pattern before the week. By end of tomorrow whatever I fancy I'll implement the same on Sunday to be ready on Monday. Thats the plan of course. Lets see how it goes. I'll keep you posted. :)
Have a great weekend.


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