Saturday, 1 August 2015

Self drafted Bias Skirt - scary!!

Bias is something that always scares me... My first experience was the gathered circle skirt I made for my daughter.

You can see below at the front how it is stretched out.
Gathered circle skirt

Here again at the side you can see how it is stretched out.

pom pom skirt
All over the internet there is circle skirt as a simple skirt- but seriously how ? How can one understand bias and its handling.  I think skirts to start with are simple gathered skirts.

I've made a bias skirt pattern for myself and made it out of calico, this calico is bit thick so the fall is not very apparant. Hopefully the faux suede will do a good fall.

self drafted bias skirt

self drafted bias skirt front

The material has a great fall, so wait and see..To test the fall - you can see this post to buy a drapey fabric.
faux suede fabric

Enjoy your weekend :)

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  1. Lovely calico skirt. I didn't realize type of fabric goes hand in hand with style of cut. Your new faux suede skirt will definitely look great too!!

    1. Hi Preeti.. Not much luck there unfortunately but learning a lot.

    2. Hi Preeti.. Not much luck there unfortunately but learning a lot.

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