Thursday, 30 July 2015

Conquered the invisble zipper

Ahhh!! Finally conquered the zipper..
Do you dread the invisible zipper or any zipper? I DID. Not anymore
Best way to insert invisible zipper

I had so many questions -

Invisible Zipper Issues

Which way to place the zipper?
Do I need to iron my zipper?
If so, what setting?
Which foot to use? Worst my machine doesnt even support the invisible zipper foot.
Use tape or pins?
Can't get close enough. What to do?
The seams at waist don't match up, what to do?
The neck now is one up one down, what to do?
Why is the invisble zipper visible from the correct side?
Ok, I know the zipper, what about facing?

I was once at this stage - Zipper foot not working - The needle went straight down the zipper teeth.

And then at this -
Invisible zipper mistakes

where I got the right foot but my tenchique was wrong. The zipper was showing from right side, it was all wonky, seams never matched.

And now (happy face)

Invisible zipper with regular zipper foot
Please dont notice the zipper colour, was in a hurry to finish off the skirt.. the fit was so good I couldnt resist to finish it off.
It's a pencil skirt by the way if you are wondering.

Imprevement - I could do better with matching of the circles at both patterns. But I could live with it for now.
If you'd like to have my lessons learnt and tutorial let me know :)


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  1. Bravo! Job well done and I was thinking how nicely you matched those dots too!!

    1. Thanks Preeti. Taken more than a year to get here :)

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

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