Friday, 14 November 2014

London Pattern Cutting Course

My husband's cousin came home on a Saturday and I just returned from my course. He asked what course is it. I said Pattern cutting. and he asked me to explain it.
And then he said Oh glorified tailoring :)

And yes it was,expect we did no tailoring.
Size 12 was our basic block from which we did our different variations.
- Dart manipulation of front basic block
- Dark manipulation of back basic block
- Dart manipulation of skirt block
- Collars etc...
Pattern cutting london school of fashion

We learnt 2 methods -
1. Cut and spread method which is the basic and tedious method
2. Pivot method - A very very good video -

Being from IT I'd rather prefer do all that on inkscape. Just an ever so slight pencil thickness or the angle of the pencil creates overall 1/2 cm difference. I'd prefer to do all that on my computer.
I'm familiar with inkscape now having drafted a nightie for 2T and a multisize 2T-8T sun dress.
But dart manipulation on the computer is something I need to get familiar with.

It was really a feeling of school - not like a traditional one or rather I can say more like a practical lab style.
Need real leg muscles to stand all day - yeah all day 10 to 5. Only time sat was on the first day where we had a little theory and during our breaks of course.

There was also a take your hands off your face moment in the class. All were stunned, really stunned and couldn't believe it.

Every time I came home and my husband asked what I did I was like - dart manipulation. But really that's what we learnt; I don't know if there is more to pattern cutting or it was just variations. Surely there are many more advanced courses but until I make my pattern for myself and move all those darts I'm not doing any more.
Pattern cutting womer's wear

Sleeves pattern cutting

Have a fun filled weekend.

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  1. It's amazing how a flat piece of fabric can be manipulated to fit perfectly on a person using various sewing techniques. I love the science and math behind pattern creation. Your course sounds really interesting.

    1. Same here Preeti.. I totally love how a 2D is converted to 3D. Fascinates me everytime.. At school maths and drawing were my favorite subjects and they are so coming together now..

  2. Oh! that's amazing to know about your classes! Mmm, interesting patterns and pattern making are definitely about fullness and fitting! And dart manipulation is a must to learn better fitting :) Best wishes dear :)
    TC! Keep smiling :)

  3. “It’s not about the dress you wear, it’s about the life you lead in the dress". Fashion for each


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